Bioproduction Services

We have extensive experience in manufacturing proteins


Biodextris effectively addresses that crucial area from discovery to clinical material. Coupled with both GMP and non-GMP production suites we are able to offer cost effective and compliant product to a wide range of clients. Whether its small scale, early stage or a more mature product destined for the clinic we’ve got you covered.

Our manufacturing capacity is in high demand, with purified protein production performed at scales ranging from milligrams to tens of grams per batch. This capacity is an effective manufacturing platform for high quality proteins and biomolecules in numerous application fields:

Processing and environmental enzymes

Human health


Animal health

Cosmetic and personal care

Research reagents

Target proteins for high-throughput screening activities

Monoclonal antibodies



Whether its producing bulk or final product, our staff has extensive experience in manufacturing proteins for the healthcare industry in both cGMP and non-GMP environments.

With cGMP we can assure your product with the following: 

Our established QMS system

Verified batch records

Available product characterization packages

A certified BL2 cleanroom facility

Trust our experience

Our management team has overseen the production of dozens of proteins for use in preclinical, toxicology and clinical studies as well as several diagnostic products for clients around the World.